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Terms of Use

Terms of Use (English version only)


1.  By submitting any data to or logging into the MSS’ (Megastrength Security Services, Hong Kong) websites, including Domain and Sub-domains, a User, whether anonymous or authenticated, agrees with and is abide by the Terms of Use from time to time set, published and amended by MSS.  If disagreed, he/she shall immediately leave or log out of the system immediately.

2.  A User takes his/her own risks of any kind that may arise in his/her use of any services from time to time provided by MSS’ websites; MSS admits no responsibilities or liabilities whatsoever claimed by a User as a result of his/her use of such services.

3.  A User shall not do any unlawful or illegal acts in the use of the website services; once an unlawful or illegal act is disclosed or reported, he/she is subject to legal, civil or police actions as applicable.

4.  A User shall not do offensive, abusive, harmful or provocative acts to any other Users.  Such acts shall render his/her User Account blocked or permanently cancelled without prior warning.

5.  MSS reserves the rights to add or delete any services of ISS Adams Website in the interests of MSS as well as its Users.

6.  MSS reserves the rights to disregard, reject or remove any contents posted or any data submitted by a User, which are contrary to the meaning of such services; this will be actioned by the Webmaster without prior notice.

7. A User shall not upload any media with virus threats, or suspicious of carrying virus(es).

8. A User shall not solicit any other Users to do anything not of their own desires, nor cause any other Users out of their minds.

9. The Webmaster will block any IP Addresses, which are found attacking or damaging the System; this will be actioned by the Webmaster without prior warning.

10. A User may inform the Webmaster, on disclosure of any occurrences in violation of the Terms of Use.

11. Holding a User Account solely means a User is entitled to use the services provided by MSS’ website(s).

12. MSS will not solicit, obtain or fetch personal data.  Any personal data submitted by a User will only be used or stored for the purposes in the User’s own desire(s).  It is at the sole risk of a User to provide his/her personal data in any way or by any means.

13. For the purpose of first time registration with the System and subsequent verifications by the Webmaster, a User shall supply his/her e-mail address at his/her own choice.  The System will generate a Username which can be changed at any time and at the own wish of the User.  MSS at any time bears no responsibilities or consequences of any User-supplied email addresses being compromised or hacked.

14. A User automatically subscribes to emails sent from the Webmaster on a need-to-know basis and no 'Unsubscribe' option is available.

15. On cancellation of a User Account, either by himself/herself or the Webmaster, all data submitted by the User will be deleted from the system.

16. The Webmaster reserves the right to reject any postings without prior consent of a User.

17. MSS will from time to time review, amend and revise the Terms of Use without prior notice.


Megastrength Security Services, Hong Kong.